17th SAAS Conference: American Dreams, American Nightmares, American Fantasies

Mar 11, 2024

Call For Panels – 17th SAAS Conference: American Dreams, American Nightmares, American Fantasies

In the last hundred years, the US has produced many new dreams, nightmares and fantasies that perpetuate or challenge the Foundational Dream. Examples of the wonders and the perils of the dream are easily found in literature, cinema, video games, TV series, music and other artistic forms both in high and popular culture. Rather than perpetuating iconic perspectives on the American Dream, we invite panels that challenge or expand the original American Dream or that focus specifically on new readings of The Great Gatsby. The theme of the conference intends to open new paths of research around the American Dream” and its counterparts, the “American Nightmare” and the “American Fantasy”.

For the 2025 SAAS Conference at the University of Alicante we welcome proposals for panels that include topics and areas of study related, but not restricted, to the following;

  • Hew readings of American utopias and dystopias
  • The American fantasy, American escapism in the 21st century
  • The American Dream today
  • Foundational dreams reimagined
  • America as a valley of ashes: migration and borderlands in the American Dream
  • Contemporizing The Great Gatsby
  • The DREAM Act
  • Mythology, spirituality, religion and the American Dream
  • Medicare and the American Dream
  • Race, gender, sexuality and the American Dream
  • Censorship, media and the American Dream

Deadline for submission: 01/04/24

Languages: English

Where: University of Alicante

Link: For more information click here

Institution: Spanish Association of American Studies

Dates: 08-10/04/2025

Registration/CFP: For more information on registration and calls for panels & papers, click here