Felix Martin Doctoral Seminar

Mar 14, 2024

Felix Martin Doctoral Seminar


March 14, 2024 - March 15, 2024    
12:00 am


University of Salamanca
The Faculty of Philology, El Palacio de Anaya, Salamanca, Salamanca, 37008, Castilla Leon
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Felix Martin Doctoral Seminar

Description: The Spanish Association for American Studies invites graduate students engaged in Ph.D research to participate in the Félix Martín Doctoral Seminar to take place every two years alternating with the year of the celebration of the SAAS Conference. The seminar aims to provide a space for Ph.D. students to present and discuss their current research in a more relaxed environment than that of a full conference panel and in dialogue with other doctoral students in a highly stimulating and collaborative environment. Participating students must be enrolled in a doctoral program and, preferably, in their second year of doctoral research. MA students and doctoral students in their first year of doctoral research interested in attending the seminar are welcome to send their proposal to the “Morning Song” session (after Sylvia Plath’s poem), where more preliminary research will be discussed.

Student presentations at the Doctoral Seminar should deal with the issues addressed or hypothesis tested in the dissertation, the results so far obtained, and above all the methodology applied, with the purpose of gaining specific feedback from peers and more established scholars in the field of. Each presentation will last 10-15 minutes, followed by additional time for discussion.

Title: Felix Martin Doctoral Seminar

Where: University of Salamanca

Link: For more information click here

Institution: Spanish Association for American Studies

 Dates: 14-15/03/2024

Registration/CFP: To register click here.