Tribuna Norteamericana 43

Jul 2, 2024

Tribuna Norteamericana 43

Desafíos y oportunidades: hacia una inteligencia artificial ética

Summary: The Tribuna Norteamericana journal is a science-based publication that collects articles related to the politics, economy, society and culture of the United States. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme with expert writers from the fields of diplomacy, business, the media, and academia. It is distributed in print to Spanish and American institutions both in and out of Spain, as well as the media and businesses.

Tribuna Norteamericana is developed in conjunction with the Fundación Consejo España-EE.UU., an institution that collaborates with the Instituto Franklin-UAH through its Board of Trustees. Aditionally, the journal includes a section titled “Espacio Fundación” which presents programs and activities from said institution.

Tribuna Norteamericana 43 addresses the challenges and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence brings to a wide variety of fields, such as corporations, defense, education, and art.

Type: journal

Authors: various

Language: Spanish

Link: access the publication by clicking here

Institution: Instituto Franklin-UAH

Date: 2024