ESSE Collaborative Project Workshop Scheme

Mar 13, 2024

The ESSE Collaborative Project Workshop Scheme offers seed funding of up to €10,000 to support preliminary meetings of European researchers working towards collaborative research projects in the field of English Studies. The main purpose of this grant is to encourage prospective co-researchers from different national associations to plan a bid for a larger award from alternative funding sources; it also aims to support the time and space to work out practical and intellectual details of the proposed project. Applications will be assessed on the quality and originality of research, evidence of sustainable international collaboration, and the feasibility of the project and its development.


  • Applications should be submitted jointly by two full ESSE members according to the official membership list submitted to ESSE in November 2023 from two different national associations.
  • Other participants in the proposed workshop may be drawn from the same institutions or associations, but international diversity and collaboration across associations will be one of the criteria for assessing applications. Proposals can include postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers. Any participants who are not members of their national associations will be expected to join where possible following a successful application.
  • The proposed workshop should be designed to explore a collaborative research project that falls within the subject area of ESSE. The main purpose of the workshop should be to plan or facilitate grant writing for a larger award, although other activities closely connected to the development of the project may be involved.
  • The grant will only fund workshops of the type described above; it does not support other types of events, such as conferences, symposia, colloquia, seminar series, workshops or guest lectures.
  • The grant may be used for reasonable expenses only: these include travel, accommodation and subsistence. Costs of meeting room bookings should be met by the hosting institution.
  • The grant is designed to support a two-day meeting, and budgets should be designed to reflect this structure unless there is good reason for an alternative.
  • The grant will be of a maximum of €4,000 per application.
  • Successful applicants are expected to submit a full financial report with a detailed overview of expenses, including receipts and invoices. They will also be required to report back to ESSE on how the workshop objectives have been achieved and what plans are in place for the follow-up bid. Workshop participants may also like to write up their meeting for the ESSE Messenger.
  • Successful applicants should acknowledge support received from ESSE in subsequent publications or publicity for the project. The ESSE logo should be included where appropriate in printed or electronic materials related to the project.


Applications should include the following:

  • Workshop participant details: name, affiliation, position and email address for all participants, and indication of their contribution to the project (maximum 150 words for each participant)
  • Project topic: outline of the proposed project with research questions and brief bibliography (maximum 1,000 words).
  • Funding plans: details of funding body, scheme and amount of award to be applied for, where possible.
  • Workshop details: breakdown of date, venue and costs for workshop Please use the ESSE Expense Form, and check the ESSE Budget and Reimbursement Guidelines
  • Rationale: a statement explaining the urgency/value/originality of the project, its contribution to English studies, and the key objectives of the workshop (maximum 500 words).

Applications should be sent to the following address:

Current edition: OPEN: Until March 31th. Find more information here.

Selection Committee

  • Prof. Renáta Tomášková (Chair)
  • Prof. Ludmilla Kostova
  • Prof. Anne Schwan