Margaret Fuller Scholarship

Mar 8, 2024

Instituto Franklin-UAH, within the framework of its annual research plan, collaborates with the Association of Anglo-American Studies (AEDEAN) in the granting of a scholarship of €1,600 to carry out a research stay in the Instituto Franklin-UAH.

  • The stay will last 15 days.
  • The scholarship will amount to €1600 aimed at covering accommodation, transport, maintenance, office supplies, computer equipment, and bibliographic works proposed by the applicant.
  • The bibliographic works will remain property of the Instituto’s bibliographic fund, though the beneficiary will be allowed to use them for his/her research activities.
  • The bibliographic works shall be ordered at least four months before the stay.
  • The Instituto Franklin-UAH provides adequate study space, within its facilities, for the beneficiary.
  • The field of research shall be American Studies or be related to North America.
  • The applicant shall be a fully-fledged member of AEDEAN at the time of applying.
  • The enjoyment of this scholarship is incompatible with any other public or private financial aid.
Selection process

The selection will be made by a Committee elected for that purpose by the AEDEAN and Instituto Franklin-UAH Boards of Directors. The name of the beneficiary shall be announced on the AEDEAN and Instituto Franklin-UAH websites.


Current edition

2024. D. Paul Mitchell. “Gender in Autobio-graphical Illness Comics”. Find more information about the scholarship here.