Recents Publications

North American Studies Journal, vol. 27

North American Studies Journal, vol. 27 Summary: Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos is an international scholarly peer-reviewed English-language journal which publishes papers and reviews on diverse aspects of U.S. Studies, mainly literary, cultural, historical,...

Somehow Different. España vista desde Estados Unidos

Edited by scholar Lorenzo Delgado Gómez-Escalonilla, this Spanish language anthology draws on the fields of history, politics and sociology to examine diverse views of Spain as seen from the perspective of the United States…

Food, Consumption, and Masculinity in American Hardboiled Fiction

This publication draws on three related bodies of knowledge: crime fiction criticism, masculinity studies, and the cultural analysis of food and consumption practices from a critical eating studies perspective. In particular, this book focuses on food as an analytical category in the study of tough masculinity as represented in American hardboiled fiction. Through an examination of six American novels, this book comments on the gradual process of redefining consumption and consumerism in America, which traditionally has been coded as feminine. Usiekniewicz shows that food and eating also reflect power relations and larger social and economic structures connected to class, gender, geography, sexuality, and ability, to name just a few.

Refusing to be Forgotten: Southern Conservatism and the Political Thought of M. E. Bradford

Considered by many the most talented continuator of the Nashville Agrarians, Melvin E. Bradford occupies a special place in the history of modern Southern conservatism. He challenged established views of the founding, nature, and political tradition of the American Union and, most controversially, the “myth” of Abraham Lincoln. His writings provided vitality and intellectual weight to the Southern conservative tradition. Bradford’s scholarship can significantly contribute to a more multifaceted and nuanced understanding of American history, tradition, and identity. This book is the first comprehensive analysis of Bradford’s political thought.

House of Horrors: Familial Intimacies in Contemporary American Horror Fiction

This is a study of tumultuous transformations of kinship and intimate relationships in American horror fiction over the last three decades. Twelve contemporary novels (by ten women writers and two whose work has been identified as women’s fiction) are grouped into four main thematic clusters – haunted houses; monsters; vampires; and hauntings – but it is social scripts and concerns linked directly to intimacy and family life that structure the entire volume. By drawing attention to how the most intimate of all social relationships – the family – supports and replicates social hierarchies, exclusions, and struggles for dominance, the book problematises the source of horror.

Breve historia de Puerto Rico

Ubicado en las Antillas, en el noreste caribeño, Puerto Rico es un archipiélago compuesto por más de 140 islas, actualmente bajo soberanía estadounidense como Estado Libre Asociado. Una geografía que ha marcado su historia de los últimos cinco siglos, destacándose por su…